‘Please Don’t Ask‘ THE GAME – a question style innovation to help you get to know each other, ask those difficult questions and scale the ebbs and flows of maintaining your love connection.

90 cards, 3 levels and 1 objective

‘Creating a safe space for playful intimacy’  

  • Level 1 – Knowing Each Other
  • Level 2 – We Go Together
  • Level 3 – STUCK

With the help of two friends, Angel and Joker, we will help you initiate the introspective conversations that are critical to the success of your relationship. 

Now don’t just go and play this game with any and everyone. These cards are reserved for someone you really want to get to know, the good the bad and the ugly. Our goal is for you to develop playful intimacy in the safe space and context of a game. The real value in #PDAthegame is its ability to transition with you into new levels of intimacy as your relationship grows. This means that those in new and more established relationships can benefit from playing #PDAtheGame. 

How to play

Take a few cards on date night, have some no phone zone face time, seek out a specific card and ask. Your relationship, your rules!

PDAtheGame is not a substitute for therapy or counselling. As a well intentioned game, it serves as a prompt for exploring individual personalities, desires as well as relationship expectations and potential tensions.